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Sahaja Wisdom

Sahaja Practice: The Essential Gateway To Clearly Seeing You

Sahaja is a spiritual technology ~ an exquisite combination of mysticism, spirituality and psychology for the harmonious development of human beings. 


Essentially, the practice itself is simple, accessible to everyone and extremely efficient. Sahaja opens your awareness to a sudden awakening with the realization that you 'ARE THAT'... by simply BEING YOUR Natural State.


Many participants have direct awakening experiences during their first session. Others report a deepening or expansion of awareness which lasts longer.

Whatever your experience, you will likely feel calmer, lighter, more relaxed and with better focused attention in all areas of life.

It doesn't take long before you experience deeper understanding and awareness of your True Self as multiple and varied depths and levels gracefully unfold from Sahaja practice. 

In an awakening there is a transcendence of the sleeping state, a bypassing of the intellect & the mind.


You'll uncover the barrier, the cloud which is hiding the truth from your own clear seeing & knowingness. 


Through this practice "we become our own masters". Each person moves 
An individual could reach remarkable levels of vitality and awareness. 

We call this "awakening your inner self," and in doing so, you gain personal power, awareness and control.

In Sahaja Meditation, "we become our own masters."

Sahaja Meditation is simple to learn and easy to practice - an introductory class lasts under an hour.

You can practice on your own for about 10-20 minutes, once or twice a day. Like many things, practice will improve and enhance your experience allowing you to enjoy even greater benefit

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