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BE UNSHAKEABLE Go Beyond Resistance

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

The mind is like a pit-bull-lawyer, it doesn’t stop unless you can see it for yourself. You expose it by letting go of wanting to control it or wanting to change it or wanting to hold on

It takes determination and desire to BE UNSHAKEABLE (unbothered, imperturbable). BEING Unshakeable is the HIGHEST GOAL - in essence, to be FREE - the place where resistance cannot exist.

Resistance is part of the human experience, part of the dualistic nature of ego/mind.

Resistance can be subtle, almost like a vapor.

It can also be like a steel wall... or a concrete trap that you feel you can never get out of.

Something you will learn how to deal with if you're ready for revolutionary life changes.

Most of us walk around in a perpetual state of resistance

It takes a loads of energy to walk around in a constant battle against the invisible stuckness (aka worries, doubts, comparisons & concerns).

That sense of stuckness can be a strong feeling in the body.

Resistance is a HUGE PUSHING DOWN feeling.

If you ask it directly (you can see for yourself), it will tell you it wants to leave.

Resistance is a phenomenon that has us believing we’re being protected but its just not so.

It’s part of our perception of being hooked into this b-ass-ackwards world. In my experience of using spiritual technologies or energy psychology processes to let emotions, feelings and/or resistance go, there’s typically a huge sense of relief.

When I first realized what resistance was and how it felt to live that way, I was awestruck at how much energy it took to hold on to.

A case of mistaken identity

“Even when you see it for what it is, the habit of mind will draw you back. It’ll throw anything and everything AT YOU to convince you the thing, the problem, the issue, the situation is real.

The mind protects itself, maintains its position by trying to convince you or manipulate you by using your feelings against you, so you will listen to it

My teacher reminds me often, “this is a giant case of mistaken identity !”

You’ll hear yourself saying things like, this is too good to be true, I’ve been trying for so long, this can’t last, it’ll never work, I’m not strong enough, I can’t do this, nothing helps. And, it is ALL A LIE! ALL OF IT.

Every time you resist what’s in your mind you’re feeding the mind...

You’re validating that IMAGE (pictures are the mind’s language).

Because the very act of resisting is your mind saying,

“It’s true. It’s real!”

and we think, “ I MUST RESIST IT !”

If you knew it was SIMPLY an IMAGE in your mind, you’d have zero resistance.

Here’s a relatable example:

If you’re watching a movie and a train is coming, do you run?

No matter how real it appears, you know that the train cannot come out of the screen.

Even when watching those tricky 3-D movies where it feels like it’s real you still know it won’t come out of the screen!

Your mind is nothing but a movie, a screen and we’re convinced that it’s real

I’d better run!

It’ll never work!

You run screaming… but you HAVE A CHOICE TO MAKE


“Courageousness is a high frequency that is aways here for you (now) if & when you use discrimination to CHOOSE WISELY."

Take A step towards Pure peace...


As you become more aware of resistance and how it plays with you & your life, it’ll get easier to recognize it .

Lift into courageousness - this is not a 'making it happen' feeling. Courageousness is light and easy. When in a courageous state, THEN, allow the resistance to be here and watch it melt away (without pushing it or holding on to it)

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